When does dementia start and can you stop it?

When does dementia start and can you stop it?

Dementia can start changing your brain up to 20 years before disease onset. Through constant rewiring of our brain, called neuroplasticity, we manage to keep our normal brain function for many years. But, year after year, as we lose more brain cells our ability to compensate is lost. 

The saddest part is that 40% of people who get dementia could have delayed or even avoided this disease if they took early-enough measures to stop their cognitive decline.

This is where Circl is hoping to help, by showing you how your brain is changing many years before you get dementia so you can have the best chance at avoiding this disease.

The solutions are not easy, there is not a miracle pill, you'll need to put in effort to improve your brain (and body).

I wish you the very best of luck at matching your health span with your life span!

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