How it Works

The Circl headset is a wearable technology and app that allows you to track your brain’s performance and health. To measure your brain, you simply wear the headset for a few minutes as you play a game on the Circl app. While you are playing the game, the headset will record your brainwave data. The app then shows how your brain is currently performing, and how your brain function is changing over time as you do more tests. Based on this data, you can make adjustments in your approach to staying healthy to get the most out of your brain. 

Routinely check your brain health to detect problems early

Scientifically-validated brainwave measurements

The Circl headset uses electroencephalography (EEG) to record your brainwaves which passively senses tiny fluctuations in voltage generated by brain activity. This is done through small sensors that rest comfortably on your scalp. The Circl methodology has been scientifically validated and proven to show accurate and relevant results.

Play a game to stimulate your brain

You play a neuroscience game where we show you a series of coloured circles on screen and ask you to tap the screen when a specific colour circle appears. This stimulates your visual cortex and produces the voltage fluctuations we measure.

See how your brain processes information

The speed and power of your neural response are analyzed and presented to you in the app.

Regularly measure your brain performance and the Circl app will chart a trend of your brain performance over time.

Get the Headset

From the Lab to your home

This kind of technology was previously only available in large scientific labs but with the Circl headset you are empowered to access your brain’s data from your own home.